Cafe Groupies

cafe groupiesThe Cafe Groupies are a special group. The Regulars. The Stalwarts. The grass roots. Groupies are groovy… fine… bad… bitchin’… tight… (pick your decade).

They are the pure actualization of ‘cool.’

So… be cool. Be a Cafe Groupie.

So what’s so great (so cool-like) about Cafe Groupies. Well, anyone can see most of the videos here on the Groupies tab. And these videos are different; they aren’t the ‘salesy’ ones, but rather they are more informational, perhaps even a bit philosophical, with a dash of fun added in (okay, with a healthy dollop, even great big gobs, of silliness!).

However, those special folks who call themselves the Cafe Groupies can see more than these awesome videos.  You see, they (and by that, I mean ‘we’) have their own private forum, and can talk about all the silly non-Groupies all they want (non-Groupies are sort of like Muggles to us Groupies folk).  So, what do we REALLY discuss in our private, you’re-not-invited, muggles-not-allowed forum?  Ah, now that is the stuff that legends and conspiracies are made of!!  It’s not called ‘the Backroom’ for nothin’!  But you’ll never know our little secrets unless you become one of us.

Becoming a Groupie is easy; it’s the initiation that’s hard!!  (The phrase, “May I have another, please” comes to mind.  Of course, I’m referring to another coffee… what’d’ya think I was talking about!?!)

So how do you become one. Well, that’s the trick, isn’t it. I’m not gonna make it easy. You’ll have to search the site to find out how.  (But, truthfully, this isn’t ‘find Waldo’ – it won’t be that hard, no, not hard at all. Hmmm! Seriously, folks → not → that → hard → ! → → →) → →


About Scott Bradshaw

Scott Bradshaw is a long time Texas resident and native. He grew up in Fort Worth and received his MBA from Baylor University. In addition to his insurance practice, he enjoys playing tennis, hiking in River Legacy park, and volunteering.
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