Group Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insuranceBeating a critical illness is tough, but it’s tougher when the bills start to add up. An Aflac group critical illness insurance plan helps certificateholders recuperate without worry over financial setbacks that can cause stress and slow recovery time.

The plan’s lump sum cash benefits can be used to help cover medical expenses (that major medical isn’t intended to cover) to routine living expenses as well as the hidden costs of illness—travel, lodging, and miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses. Aflac group critical illness coverage can help alleviate financial stressors that can take away from a healthy recovery.

The Aflac group critical illness plan is easy to understand, affordable, and very competitive. It’s designed to work with any other Aflac plans, as well as enhance existing employer-paid benefits.

Advantages of Critical Illness Insurance

  • Longer life expectancies increase the chance of a critical illness.
  • Critical Illness coverage offers benefits beyond standard major medical for both the medical and out-of-pocket impacts of a critical illness.

Aflac group critical illness insurance is a guaranteed-issue product (when participation requirements are met) that offers an extra layer of protection in the event of a covered critical illness. Employee and spouse coverage is available, plus dependent children are covered at 50% at the employee’s amount — at no additional cost. Optional employer-choice benefits are available.

Aflac group critical illness insurance pays a lump-sum benefit for the first occurrence/initial diagnosis of covered critical illnesses as well as benefits for additional occurrence and re-occurrence. The coverage also pays benefits for health screenings. Remember the maximum benefit payable for a covered critical illness will not exceed 100% of the face amount of coverage.

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