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Supplemental InsuranceThe Magic of Group Supplemental Insurance

For the small to medium sized business owner, Group Supplemental Insurances borders on magical.  I know, I am one.  We face many challenges that larger well-established companies do not face.  To be completely honest, we face an over-whelming task to succeed.  And we face many pressures.  Two of the largest challenges facing us are expenses and getting and keeping a labor force that we can depend on and that makes us money.  I would venture to say the later challenge will make or break your business.  I see so many successful companies, whose staff knows their jobs, has been their for many years, and is the backbone of the company itself.  We have to admit, that we survive or fail based on the quality of our employees.

Your Cost? – Zero, Nada, Nothing

How does this relate to Supplemental insurance?  Studies have proven that employees seek jobs, not just to earn a salary, but for security.  In other words, the benefits you offer are as important to them as the wages you pay.  The simplest, easiest, (and free) way to provide more benefits, to attract more talent, and to keep them is to offer them supplemental insurance.  Period.

Supplemental Insurance

And, if you offer it through a cafeteria plan, you save money. At its core, offering supplemental insurance addresses two of the most significant hurdles you face as a businessman:  reducing expenses and retaining quality staff.

Now imagine that you offer additional benefits to your employees, totally voluntary, at 30%-70% below the ‘street’ cost.  The cost to you is nothing — the employee selects and pays for the insurance they need.  Even the bulk of the administrative, implied costs falls upon us, not you, and if you have an existing Section 125 plan in place, it is a matter of sending an extra check out each month.  You’ll actually save money, in this scenario, by lowering your payroll taxes. (If you do not have a Section 125 plan in place, we are the country’s largest provider.  There’s not a single cost to you, none — no set up fees, no monthly maintenance fees.  If you need one, we’ll set it up.)

Attract and Retain Quality Employees

So, where’s the magic?  How often can you strengthen your business while saving yourself money?  How many opportunities do you get to increase your bottom line while attracting and maintaining a higher quality workforce?  And therein is the magic!!  It’s a elegant win/win, and the simplest, quickest, easiest way to help your business.

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Group Accident ∙ Critical Illness ∙ Disability ∙ Hospital Indemnity ∙ Term Life ∙ Whole Life

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