Why Life Insurance?

why life insuranceWhy life insurance?  Life insurance is tough to think about or talk about, which is why so many people end up leaving this world without leaving something behind to protect those they love.  That’s normal, and it’s hard, and it requires a great deal of internal strength and self-reflection.  But it is a wonderful and sacrificial act that shows great character.  So why life insurance?  Here’s a short clip from Transamerica that might it into perspective.

Why Life Insurance?  Talk to a Professional…

We are brokers, and we represent a number of different life insurance companies, so we can get you a range of quotes and premiums, and make suggestions based on your needs. Then you can pick what is best for you.

About Scott Bradshaw

Scott Bradshaw is a long time Texas resident and native. He grew up in Fort Worth and received his MBA from Baylor University. In addition to his insurance practice, he enjoys playing tennis, hiking in River Legacy park, and volunteering.
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